Up Athletics – Vancouver

Experience the Difference With Quality Kinesiology in Vancouver

Get in shape, improve your performance, overcome injuries, and avoid re-injury. 

Our Kinesiology Services

1-on-1 and Couple Personal Training.

Customized plans made for your specific goals and needs.1-on-1 personal raining puts you on the best track to reach your health, fitness, and athletic goals.

ICBC Active Rehab/Injury Recovery

Build a resilient body. Address underlying causes of your chronic pain, poor posture, low exercise capacity, or recurrent injury.

Fit Over 50

Get stronger with exercise specialists to ensure safe and effective exercise sessions. 

Pelvic Floor and Core Rehab/Strength

Get stronger with exercise specialists to ensure safe and effective exercise sessions. 

Why Train With Me

When training with me, you will receive quality training with great attention to your body movement. I assess and identify what is keeping you back, improve those problem areas, and strengthen your body to excel and reach past your fitness plateau. You will enjoy constant improvements and your body will feel great.

These days, I am mostly helping those who:

  • are struggling with recurrent injuries.
  • have low exercise capacity and find exercise or other physical activities difficult.
  • want to get into a better shape, be more active, and more involved in life, but pain, physical discomfort, or recurrent injuries keep setting them back. 
  • want to require less and less therapies and become more independent in managing their physical needs.
  • want to develop athletic physical qualities. 
  • are athletes wanting to build a more injury resilient body while improving their strength.

Words From My Clients

Nadia provides professional and excellent weekly active rehab sessions. She is patient and thorough in her explanation of each exercise. I’m getting stronger every week thanks to her help and rehabilitation exercises.

Ali N.

I came to Nadia with hopeless knee problems. Based on a friends’ recommendation, I decided to give training with Nadia a try before resorting to surgery & I am glad that I did. I could not even stand on my feet for long, let alone going up stairs. Now, I can see visible muscles on my leg, I rarely feel knee discomfort, and swelling episodes are gone. I highly recommend her.

Anita Nelson

I am very lucky that I discovered Nadia. I have worked with her for three months now, and I see a huge difference in everything. I feel like I have a brand new body better than I ever had. THANK YOU NADIA!

Mark L.