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I started by working as a personal trainer in 2013.  Following my passion, I studied for the bachelor of kinesiology at UBC. Currently, I work and study in the master of athletics and clinical kinesiology program. This allows me to continue to build on my skills while working with athletes and the clinical population.

Working with various populations with different needs and learning from the best mentors in the field has helped me to put my knowledge into life-changing results.  I put emphasis on  correcting the root of the symptoms or injuries. My personalized movement therapy has helped individuals regain quality movement, overcome injury and pain, build a more resilient body, and get more confident in their exercise ability.

Even if you have been going through therapies without getting lasting results, I can help you. Kinesiology areas of practice include ICBC active rehab, injury recovery, personal training , injury prevention, pain management, and improved athletic performance.