Up Athletics – Vancouver

Vancouver Kinesiology & Athletic Performance

Movement quality is the foundation of any successful fitness, sport performance, or physical activity.

When working as a certified personal trainer, I realized the importance of understanding exercise science for providing the best practice. I went to UBC and received my bachelor of kinesiology.

Currently, I work while a student in the master of athletics and clinical kinesiology. This allows me to build on my skills and continue to work with athletes and the clinical populations. I use personalized movement therapy to help individuals rediscover correct movement, overcome injury and pain, build a more resilient body, and get more confident in their exercise ability.

These days, I am mostly helping clients who:

  • are struggling with recurrent injuries.
  • have low exercise capacity and find exercise or other physical activities difficult.
  • want to get into a better shape, be more active, and more involved in life, but pain, physical discomfort, or recurrent injuries keep setting them back. 
  • want to require less and less therapies and become more independent in managing their physical needs.
  • want to develop athletic physical qualities. 
  • are athletes wanting to build a more injury resilient body while improving their strength.

At Up Athletics, even if you have been going through therapies without getting lasting results, we can help you. We start your Kinesiotherapy session (ICBC, active rehab, personal training , or athletic performance) with an in-depth assessment to find out about you, your goals, your current level, and your physical status to address what is holding you back and achieve transformative results. Feel free to massage me below to learn more about our approach.