Up Athletics – Vancouver

Take care of your body and enjoy how it takes care of your health.

I studied kinesiology at UBC to learn how to troubleshoot the body (kind of like a movement doctor). I wanted to know why some people have poor posture and body aches while others don’t. I wanted to know why some people get substantial results while some others end up with recurrent injuries and poor fitness and get discouraged. Education alone was not enough, so I worked with elite coaches and injured patients to learn more. Over the years, I kept refining my skills and building on my experience to make a difference.

I have helped many individuals finally see results, feel healthier, happier, and more confident. I first make an in-depth assessment and find out about your current movement level. Then we work on reprogramming your body. You can think of it as a combination of active rehab, neuromuscular reprograming, and strength training depending on your goals and your current level.
You get to finally train the right way, overcome setbacks, see ongoing improvements, and focus on other life priorities by having your body taken care of.