Up Athletics – Vancouver

One on One Personal Training

Private Training

A kinesiologist with active rehab and sports training background can help you achieve your goals faster and safer, whether:

  • you are looking for improving your metabolic health.
  • you are looking for getting into better shape.
  • you want to improve at your sport.
  • you are struggling with recurrent injuries or physical discomfort.
  • you need to improve your posture.
  • you need to gain muscle.
  • you are looking for getting stronger and healthier.

Fit Over 50

An experienced Kinesiologist equipped with active rehab and sports training knowledge can take years off your age, improve your posture, address underlying causes of your chronic pain, get you in better shape, and help you feel full of energy.

Fitness At Any Age

Train With Your Friends

Semiprivate Training

Receive customized training while sharing your training experience with friends and saving money.

Training is provided for up to 3 people.


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