Active Rehab & Injury Prevention

1-on-1 Training

Active Rehab

Kinesiology led movement therapy is essential to injury recovery and prevention.
Kinesiology experts guide clients through targeted movements and exercises to achieve lasting outcomes in terms of pain management, injury recovery, injury prevention, performance enhancement and overall musculoskeletal health.

Our kinesiologists specialize in identifying the root cause of your current problem to effectively treat conditions such as poor posture, tension headaches, stiff muscles, neck and shoulder problems, joint and muscle pain, scoliosis, as well as knee and back problems.
We’re here to support you with injury prevention and recovery, enhancing your movement quality, and improving your strength.
Book a complimentary session today for a transformative experience and achieve lasting improvements in your musculoskeletal health.

Therapeutic and Performance Aid


Kinesiotaping provides valuable support in various areas, offering benefits such as improved flexibility, pain reduction, enhanced performance, better posture, and improved joint function.
With its unique application and properties, kinesiotape serves as an additional aid to optimize your physical well-being and achieve your goals.
Whether you’re an athlete aiming for improved performance or someone seeking pain relief and improved functionality, kinesiotaping can provide the added support you need.

Active Rehab FAQ

Active Rehab refers to targeted movement therapy that results in overcoming injury and pain while building strength.
Active rehab is essential for achieving long lasting result in any pain management, injury recovery and injury prevention journey.

Yes, kinesiology active rehab not only allows the body to heal and become much more resilient, but also leads to long lasting results; this is because aside from healing the body, targeted active rehab exercises reprogram the body to achieve optimal movement qualities that are carried over to everyday life.

Kinesiologists are movement experts and exercise specialists. They may use other therapeutic modalities during a session, but their treatment is focused on helping the body become self-efficient at producing optimal movement.
Kinesiologists serve a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from individuals seeking pain relief and recovery from injuries to elite athletes striving to enhance their performance.

The initial meeting with a kinesiologist serves as an evaluation session. During this session, the kinesiologist instructs the patient to execute specific movements and conducts a comprehensive examination of the entire body to pinpoint the underlying factors contributing to the present condition.
.In the following sessions, the kinesiologist will employ methods like precise therapeutic exercises, along with mobility techniques and other suitable approaches, to facilitate the body’s rehabilitation.