Up Athletics – Vancouver



5 sessions: $110 per session.
10 sessions: $100 per session.

* ICBC session will be at no cost to you if your treatment is approved by ICBC. More Info >>

**All purchases have a 3 months expiration.


3 sessions per week is best for someone who has an upcoming goal and wants to achieve that goal in a
shorter time span. Example: Someone who is experienced with movement and wants to get ready for an event.
2 sessions per week:
My favorite training frequency. It is best for those at the early to intermediate level of exercise experience. It is
the optimal frequency to allow for learning movement, achieving continuous progress, and making the most out of your
training sessions.
For those in later stages of exercise: If you are confident with your athletic abilities, you need a weekly touch-
up and tuning of your body.

Each session is 50 minutes.

Your exercises are well-thought of and carefully planned before each session; they are based on your goals, your body response during the previous session, and the best choice for your unique needs.